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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all bookings made with 'Aga Reef Resort & Spa, including bookings made through our website.  In booking with us you are taken to have read and agreed to these terms and conditions.

Rates and Payment

Rates quoted are in Samoan Tala and are per room, per night based on occupancy by the number of persons shown against the description of each room on the “Bookings” page of our website.

All prices shown are applicable at the time of booking, are not valid in conjunction with any other offer and are subject to change without any prior notice. Prices are inclusive of VAGST.

Prices normally include a daily buffet continental/tropical breakfast (such as fruits & cereals) unless alternative arrangements have been agreed to by the resort, in writing.

To confirm your booking/reservation, a 50% deposit of the anticipated accommodation cost must be paid in cash or by credit card upon booking. For Individual Bookings – 10% of the deposit is non-refundable and for Group Bookings – 20% is non-refundable. Reservation of 4 or more rooms is considered as a Group (Block) Booking thus, deposits and balances required will be computed based on number of rooms booked.

The resort reserves the right to cancel or remove a reservation at any time if said booking is not paid and confirmed within the allotted period.

Payment of the balance of the anticipated accommodation cost must be made in cash or by credit card no later than 6 weeks prior to the date of arrival.  All other charges incurred with us must be settled in full by cash or credit card prior to your departure.  If you are departing before 9am please make arrangements to settle your account before 8pm on the day prior to your departure.

All credit card payments may be subject to a 3% service fee.

Cancellation and Amendment

In the event that the booking is cancelled at least 30 days prior to the date of arrival, a refund of sums paid minus the non-refundable deposit will be given.

There will be no refund where the booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to the date of arrival.  A credit for future use may be given, at the manager’s discretion.

No refunds will be given if you choose to depart earlier than the booked date of departure, or if you do not arrive when booked to do so (either late or at all).

No amendments to your booking to reduce the length of your stay will be accepted within 30 days prior to the date of arrival.

Cancellations and amendments are confirmed ONLY when you receive our acknowledgement.

Check In / Check Out

Check-in is 2pm and check-out is 10am. Your room may be available before 2pm but this cannot be guaranteed.  Guests on flights with early morning airport arrival times who wish to guarantee room availability prior to normal check-in time should book their room for the prior night.

Late checkout may be available.  Please check with us on arrival.


AGA REEF Resort welcomes children over the age of 3 years to stay at the Resort.  Children of all ages are welcome in our Tualupetu Restaurant area between the hours of 9am and 8pm.  Manager’s discretion does, however, apply.

Parents and caregivers must take full responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of their children and must provide full supervision at all times.

Special arrangements

Whilst every effort is made to fulfil any special requests, we cannot guarantee to be able to do so.


AGA REEF Resort offers a transfer/transport service for guests, at a charge and UNLESS the resort vehicle is used for such transfers, we accept no responsibility for acts and/or omissions of other transfer service providers that can create legal liability to you. With regards to any legal liability against our staff driver, you warrant and undertake that no claim or demand shall be made against such driver and instead shall be made against the resort where the maximum shall be $100 Samoa Tala in respect of each and every person claiming against us.

Personal Conduct

We reserve the right to terminate your occupancy without notice in the event that you fail to respect the rights of our staff and other guests by persistently making excessive noise, or through your abusive, aggressive or threatening conduct.  No refund will be given in such circumstances.

Risk and Liability

While we take all care to provide a safe and secure environment, we accept no liability whatsoever, even if caused by our negligence, for:

a)       The loss of or damage to property, including to any motor vehicle;

b)       Personal injury or loss of life;

c)       Liability you may incur to third parties;

d)       Any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage that you may suffer, including without limitation loss of deposits and loss of income.

In the event that this exclusion from liability is for any reason invalid or unenforceable, our liability shall in all circumstances be limited to $100 Samoan Tala per person claiming against us.

Responsibility for Third Parties

We can sometimes include third party products in special packages or make bookings for you with other service providers.  In doing so, we act as an agent only on your behalf.  We will not be liable under any circumstances for any failure by those service providers to fulfil their arrangements with you nor for any error, alteration or change of any kind made by those service providers following the acceptance of the booking by them. All coupons, vouchers, receipts and tickets are issued subject to the terms and conditions specified by those service providers.

We will not be liable for the wilful or negligent acts and/or omissions of any third party service providers including where those result in any accident, injury, delay, property damage or personal loss to you or those travelling with you.

Law and Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions are subject to the laws of Samoa.  Any disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Samoa.

17 January 2015

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