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Things to do In Samoa

Plan Your Trip to Samoa Here

Is this your first time in Samoa and you're a little lost on what to see or where to eat? Or perhaps you're still in the planning stages of a trip to Samoa? We've created this handy interactive map, originally only for our in house guests, but now we've made it available to everyone!

We think you'll find it great for getting the lay of the land and working out just how far it is between that amazing waterfall you saw on Instagram and the nearest Coffee shop. Best of all, we've done all the hard work for you and have only included places we have personally been to and can vouch for. Don't forget, this is a living map, so come back often to see new spots that have been added or updated!

To use our interacive map, click the  icon at the top left of the map to reveal the legend. From here you can choose what to display, from the following categories:

  • Cafe's, Restaurants, Bars & Shops
  • Points of Interest
  • Swimming Spots
  • Transportation
  • ATM's

Where possible, we have included a short description, opening hours, prices and other handy bits of information. 

Note: If you cannot see the map right now, you are probably on a mobile device and will need to request the Desktop version of this page.


Access Our Map on Your Phone

So you've arrived in Samoa, picked up your rental car and want to navigate using our map? Follow these simple instructions to add our Guide to Samoa to your Google Maps app.

  1. Click the star at the top of the interactive map above

  2. You will be propmpted to sign in with your Google account, if you are not already.
  3. Open Google Maps on your phone
  4. Tap the Saved button at the bottom of the screen

  5. Choose the Maps button 

  6. Tap to choose the Guide to Samoa map

  7. You're all set to use Google navigation to any of the spots on the map!


  • Address:  Main South East Coast Road,, Upolu, Lalomanu, Aleipata, Samoa
  • Phone:  +68547800
  • Mobile:  +685 75 08801
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